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M.A.C.K SS - Providing living options, life choices, and control for the future.

About M.A.C.K SS


M.A.C.K. SS was founded on the values of integrity, honesty, respect, and most importantly kindness. Our purpose is to assist individuals in living the fullest and most effective life possible within our community, while our caring staff helps to facilitate and reinforce the completion of smart choices and decisions through a highly individualized program that spans multiple disciplines. Our focus is creating a supportive and nurturing universal environment thus enabling each person to be more carefree while having an opportunity to engage in meaningful activity.

Our goals as an organization is serving individuals that are dedicated to the empowerment and support of persons  and their families. The organization will:

• Develop a long range program to be utilized in-home and in the community.
• Promote individual planning based on choices, preferences and needs.
• Ensure that all goals and objectives are effectively applied and met within a healthy time frame.
• Ensure that the responsibilities assigned to the agency and/or program in the Individual’s Service Plan are fulfilled.
• Promote self-determination and independence.
• Create outcomes through a person-centered Thinking model and essential lifestyle planning
• Facilitate stronger partnerships with regional center(s), community resources in assisting in maximum community participation.

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