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Our services are to ensure that adults with special needs become as self-sufficient as possible while receiving necessary supports to live in their community. These supports and services will be individualized to meet the self-directed needs and desires of the individual. The object of the program is to assist consumers in providing supports at their own home by providing supervision, training and assistance due to existing mild to moderate deficits in adaptive functioning including self-help skills and/or problematic behavioral deficits. The consumer’s program will allow the consumer to make inclusive choices in their daily lives; provide normative opportunities for practice of critical skills; live lives that are similar to yours and mine and to live in a safe and normal environment.

  • Personal choice emphasized in every aspect of daily life

  • Focus on developing self-sufficiency and full participation in the community

  • Services can be adjusted to accommodate changing needs

  • 24-hour on-call emergency support

  • Basic fire and household safety

  • Employment assistance

  • Benefit coordination

  • Medical, financial, and personal support

  • Accessing community resources

  • Personal selection of staff

  • Parenting guidance and instruction

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