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Providing You with the best Supportive Living Services.


M.A.C.K. SS is to provide support and advocacy for individuals as they reside in their own homes in the community. Our belief in developing and maintaining natural supports provides a foundation for our facilitation of an individual’s needs by valuing and respecting personal choice, offering flexible and personalized assistance, and building relationships that support successful community living. Our desire is to provide supportive staff that will respect the choices of consumers and help them maintain their culture, family history, and belief system.

The safety of all clients, staff, and family is our highest priority. We are facing changes in almost every part of our lives. To help limit the spread of COVID-19, we are dedicated and working with consumers and their communities to identify different ways to help.
Better Care Starts with You!


“Ms. Mack has been working with children and adult individuals for well over 20 years. Her knowledge and compassion to each special case, has been instrumental in not only their growth, but their confidence as well. ”


Lorna J.


“LaKeisha’s passion and drive for our community is widely spread across this city and I think she would be an asset to assist with the individuals community.


Stacy T

“It is my immense pleasure to recommend LaKeisha Mack for the M.A.C.K. Supportive Services Agency. Knowing LaKeisha for 15 years, I can affirm that she will provide excellent professional support to her clients.


Martha G.


“I have known Lakisha Mack for about 3 decades and can attest to her kindness and detailed attention she gives to each child/person that comes into her care. Lakisha's work ethic, and excellent interpersonal skills are like none other. She has both depth and breadth of experiences dealing with minors, youth and young adults as well as seniors.”


Inez A.

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